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How to start planning your wedding...

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

How to start planning your wedding.

I shall assume that if you’re reading this then you’ve recently gotten engaged, and you’re wondering where on earth to begin when it comes to planning your now upcoming wedding!?

Well first of all... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

My first point of advice would be to take a little time to just enjoy being engaged, stick your feet up, open a bottle of something fizzy and just enjoy yourselves.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed and almost instantly stressed out by the thought of planning your wedding as most people are only engaged for all of five minutes when people start asking “so, when’s the big day?” “Are you inviting Uncle Fred?...You know Uncle Fred...the chap who’s not really your Uncle that you’ve not seen since you were about three months old?”

So here comes my first REAL piece of advice. It is YOUR wedding day, nobody else’s. There is bound to be something that you need to compromise on whether that’s due to your budget, location or just a difference in taste between you and your other half, but you shouldn’t be compromising with other people.

One of the first things you need to make some sort of decision on is WHEN and WHERE you want to get married. I’m not talking specific dates and deposits on venues here, unless you’re already at that stage, but it could be “we want to get married in summer 2022, somewhere in Manchester”.

That is a brilliant starting point.

You’ve already given yourself a guide as to where to look for a venue, and you’ve given yourself a timescale.

Now before I go any further... if you really wanted to, you could plan a wedding in a few months... it would be chaotic to say the least but you could do it. However, most couples will probably choose a date for their wedding which is about 18 months to 2 years away. Either way... doable.

So now you’ve got a time and place sort of figured out you can move on to the next stage which is thinking about what actually happens on the big day. You’ve probably been to a few weddings already and have an idea of what happens and have realised that you can make them as extravagant or as simple as your want.

For this next step, think about the bare bones of the wedding day, no thrills and wihistles yet. Just the basic get up, get married, go home. Well, not quite that basic. Think about the day from start to finish, you’ll then be able to elaborate more, fill in some gaps and weed out some of the things you might find unnecessary And add in some extras that you just can’t live without.

This is an example of my list:

- Get ready

- Get to the wedding

- Say we do

- Have a drink

- Photos

- Speeches

- Dinner

- (Possibly have a nap)

- Party time

- First dance

- Cut cake

- Go home

Now you’ve got the bare bones you can work out a more detailed to-do list, start thinking about how you’re going to get to the venue, who you want to invite and what type of cake you might want? You can also think realistically about your budget and which elements of the day are most important to you.

For example ‘Get ready’ could become - hair and make up, outfits and shoes. ‘Get to wedding’ could become - vintage cars or taxi.

‘Say We do’ becomes - who do we want to invite, marriage license.

And so on.

Once you’ve got your list together you can work out which elements need to be organised first and what needs to be done nearer the time. I would suggest looking at venues and meeting with suppliers earlier on as you wouldn’t want to miss out if they are booked up on your date.

But most of all, enjoy planning your wedding, it will come round more quickly than you think!



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